Wendy Who?

Hi! Thanks for coming to visit us.  I hope you’ll stay awhile and maybe come back often.  Bet you’d like to know more about who you’re visiting, right?  
Well, there’s me, Wendy, the momma of the house.  I used to work from home so I could be with my three kids while they are young. Now, I am a full time university student, but most of the time I bake, read, sing, play, craft, sew, and hate being called a ‘soccer mom.’ No matter what my minivan makes you think.  I think I was born to be a mommy.  The rest of my life sort of revolves around it. 

September 2013 I started my degree. Angel Baby started kindergarten at the same time. We had to make some big adjustments here. I began with the idea of becoming an English major but have since decided that a Psychology degree lines up better with my own needs. It means some extra years of school, but I can do it!

I have three kids, four years apart. The youngest is almost 7.  They created their ‘online’ names for me, and they are Macboy (2.0), Art (because he loves arts & crafts) and the Angel Baby (who created her own name by being anything but an Angel, most of the time. Which is a stealth blow by karma as her middle name actually IS Angel)  

My husband is a trucker and is thus named The Trucker throughout my posts.  He’s a great guy, most of the time, but sleep deprivation and 3 kids takes its toll on a marriage sometimes. We’re a work in progress, and I think that’s what all marriages should be. If we ever stop trying to make it better, it is probably already over. I adore him.

I am constantly in transition, finding ways to improve my life, simplify my life and make it generally more happy.  I share my tips and successes along with the failures here. 

I am enjoying the process of finding myself through writing, and hoping to someday get my stories out of my notebooks and into print.  I have spent much of the last year focused on my writing. Many of my stories are starting to fit together and I'm hopeful that a first novel will be completed before I start school. I am still writing here, Wendy Can't Cook,  though it's not as regular as it was in the beginning. My second blog, Who Took The Last Cup Of Coffee?, has been on hold for quite a while. I won't remove it, but it hasn't been updated for quite some time.

So, stick around, check us out. Laugh with my MOMFAILS, cry with me, learn with me.  And leave a note now and then so I know you came by.