Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've Missed The Boat - The Gravy Boat

With the weather turning cold and snowy, it's time for more slow cooker meals.  Great dinners that warm up the house and leave such a delicious smell in the air when you first walk in the door.  This is a great time of year.

Except for the ice... 

                            and shoveling.... 

well, the food is good anyway.

We had roast beef and all the fixin's the other day.  I had a lunch appointment and my thoughtful mother had started a roast for me so I wouldn't have to stress after I got home.  It was very sweet, and much appreciated!

What I don't understand, is why her gravy is so much better than mine.  
I use exactly the same ingredients when I make a roast, all the same spices.  And quite often when we have a roast, she is the one who gets it ready.  If she is out at dinner time, all I have to do is thicken the gravy and mash the potatoes.
(Really, yes, I am that spoiled sometimes... she even peels and cuts up veggies for me. They are left soaking in water so I only have to turn things on.  Wonder if my family begs her for this when I'm not around??)
Her gravy is to die for.  It's rich and full of flavor.  If she is in the kitchen and I thicken it up for her, it still tastes okay.  But if she is not here... it just doesn't turn out quite the same.

I have no idea how this happens.

I'm not saying my gravy is bad.  It's still good, just not as good as hers.... even when it starts out as 'hers'.
I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner... and we ravenously ate up the leftovers in hot beef sandwiches with home-made fries the next day.  It was fantastic!
Thanks Mom!

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