Monday, November 8, 2010

Trick or Treat? Sure Fooled Me!

Halloween has come and gone.  I love this spooky holiday!  A time to dress up crazy and just let loose.  Even better when you have kids, they give you an excuse to be extra silly.
Halloween of course, would not be the same with out the family jack-o-lanterns.  Sure, there are store bought ones, fake plastic ones, and even painted pumpkins these days.  But NOTHING beats the look on a little boys face while he's squishing out the 'guts' and getting messy.  

My little artists spent about 2 weeks with washable markers working on the final masterpeices.  They'd draw and wash and draw and wash... leaving the cutting job to mom and dad just before halloween.
Why do I wait so long to cut them?  The answer is simple.  
WE LIKE PIE!  (I think I've said this before...haha)

Every Halloween, we delay carving our pumpkins until the last day or two before halloween.  We all look forward to the pie and also to roasting our own seeds. 
MMmmm.... Pumpkin Seeds....
How do I accomplish this feat?  Me, of all people who can't cook?
It's the perfect dish for someone as forgetful as me...  I can let them roast slowly in the oven for a long time. And by time I can smell them through the house, they're usually pretty close to done!  
It's really not hard.

Unless, of course, you notoriously forget things... In which case you run out the door to do one little errand, which leads to another, which reminds me I have to drop something off at the school, which makes me think about my oldest son, he happens to need socks... so I stop by the mall on my way to the school. I can't just look at socks and leave.....

....finally I make it back to the school around the dismissal bell.  Walk in the front door at home and think "Yumm... Someone has started dinner for me!"  Hello!!! Wendy!!! You in there?  NO ONE IS HOME!

So, what do I smell?  My very WELL roasted pumpkin seeds. Thank goodness for low temperatures, nothing burnt this time.

And now I'm sure you are asking how I can possibly manage a pumpkin pie from scratch if I can't even roast the seeds right?
Easy... I keep my pumpkins as fresh as possible, deliver them to a family friend who makes tons of pies at halloween every year....
She kindly delivers us a fresh baked pie in a day or two....

And it's always delicious!

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