Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That Burning Smell Is Not The Ribs!

I can not believe that those words actually came out of my mouth.  Such a proud moment in my motherhood.  And possibly worse yet was the reaction of my husband... "I guess we're just so used to your cooking, I hadn't smelled anything burning anyway."

Now, I must admit that I am not the worlds greatest cook.  In my defense, I also cook for a very picky family of 5.  Hmmmm... Maybe, just maybe, they are not picky, but wise to the fact that I am not the worlds greatest cook.

That can't be it!!

More to the point of my story, I made my cheater scalloped potato recipe a few days ago.  Using a can of mushroom soup, my fave spices and ... you guessed it.... potatoes.  I shoved it in the oven and cooked them  until they were done(which is pretty much whenever I can stick the fork in and they are soft).
The potatoes were a hit as always.  (I can cook a few things...)  But they of course boiled over in the oven.
And I, of course, forgot.....

.....until the smoke was rising from the oven while preheating for my famous ribs.  In my absolute brilliance, I actually DID call out "that burning smell is not the ribs."
Thankfully the ribs did turn out just right, like usual.  We sat down to a good family meal.  (Well, ribs, package potatoes and boiled carrots. If that counts for a good meal.)  Everyone ate, everyone got full.  And there was no overpowering flavor of burnt scalloped potatoes in the meat.
I think.

But, then again, I did seem to have more leftovers than usual this time......

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