Friday, October 1, 2010

Maybe Grandpa Might Like This Potato Salad??

Okay.  I AM a sucker for punishment.   I don't enjoy learning things the hard way, but I seem to do it a lot.  I like potato salad. I don't know why mine is 'special' but many people have raved about it.

 Until the other day, at least.

I had everything set, plans well laid out.  Hubby was going to grill us some burgers and I was making potato salad for our friends who were joining us for dinner. The potato salad was part bribe in this case as we needed some help with a project in the house.  I was cooking away getting things ready, and got a phone call... that led to checking something on the computer... which led to checking my email, then work email, then working.....

OH NO!!!
Potato soup, anyone?

I boiled those potatoes until they mashed themselves!! Beyond salvageable.  You know how the water gets really starchy if you boil them too long?  Well this was a BIG pot of starchy mush. Perhaps if good old grand dad took out his teeth? No, I think he had better taste too...
Just bad.

Lesson learned.... Wendy Can't Cook and work at the same time!

Thankfully, our friends still stayed to help us. I gave up for the day and we just settled on burgers. No sides.  

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