Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can't Please Everyone All The Time

There are some things I can cook well.  I'm not completely hopeless.  My biggest problem is that I, yep just me, am tired of eating the same things over and over and over. Sometimes I try something new and no one likes it, but most of the time there are at least two of us that do.
Sunday was a day for burgers and fries.  I have gotten most of my family hooked on my home-made fries.  They really do taste better when they come from fresh potatoes.
This simple meal is a classic example of how the food plan in my house works most often.  My oldest son asks "What's for dinner?"  So I tell him "burgers and home made fries"
"Oh." says he.
Middle child waits about 10 minutes,
I think he does this just so I can't say "Didn't you hear me?  I just said ...."
"Mom, what's for supper?"  I tell him "burgers and home made fries"
"Oh." says he.

Now really, I don't honestly expect excitement over burgers and fries.  I am aware that it is not a fantastic, gourmet menu choice....even if I made home made buns (which I can, I just don't often).  
Burgers are not exciting to anyone, except my husband.  I've nailed the two important food groups for him with this meal.  Beef and potato.
But just a tiny bit of pleasure in knowing what's for dinner would be nice, wouldn't it?  Wishful thinking on my part.  I know.
After I have the fries in the oven and the burgers about half done frying, my darling oldest child comes in the kitchen and says "Is there anything else? I don't really like burgers."  I give the standard mom speech "We can't all have our favorite things all the time.  I know it's not the greatest meal in your opinion, but ....blah blah blah mom speak..... Okay?" I don't even get an "ok" back, just a shrug as he walks back to the living room.
Poor second child of mine....really needs to start paying attention to what the oldest says to me.  He often gets the brunt of my frustration, just by asking a question he didn't hear answered.
"Um, mom?  Is there anything else with supper?  I don't really like your homemade fries."

Yes, poor kids.... now I'm just about to lose it because I, myself, am not a big fan of this meal. I'm just not a burger girl. Once or twice in the summer, cooked by the hubby on the bbq, is great. Much more than that is too much for me. But I need to eat too, so I eat what the general 'population' eats.  Any question from my trucker about spices or even how much longer and I can promise my head would have exploded!
So, instead of the calm motherly speech for the second of these two kids, I let out a really big
"WHATEVER!" (yes, I know I am VERY mature!)
Followed quickly by "I'm just gonna serve you two ONE plate. You can pick off it what you like.  Why waste dishes?  You like the burger, he likes the fries, sounds good to me!"

Needless to say, I had no further company in the kitchen while I was cooking.

On the plus side, this family of mine has had the 'motherly speech' often enough that the kids do eat what I give them, sometimes not much, but they do try some of everything.  We sat down to dinner and chatted about the day and before I knew it, both kids had eaten everything on their plates and both kids were picking at the remaining fries on the serving dish.

Sometimes, a Mother does know best... just that none of us know it at the time.

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