Monday, November 21, 2011

Can You See It My Way?

I'm definitely one who will 'make do' with whatever I have at hand. I have been working on refining my home office space for quite a long time. Now having the luxury of more space to use instead of just a corner of a multi purpose room, I have been able to be creative and build the space that I want. 

I've spent months... likely a year or more working on this space. I get something the way I want it and then it just doesn't work how I think it will. So, I try again. I sort and organize, move furniture, I've switched desks and tables and shelves around.  I had an idea of what I wanted from the beginning. Finances didn't make it possible though, so I just kept playing around. Working on the 'next best thing' as I went along my way.  I wanted the Expedit shelving from Ikea, I got a hand me down desk, old kitchen table and cheap bookcase. I then took the doors from the bookcase and turned them sideways to make extended shelving.

Throughout it all, I was explaining my ideal space to the trucker over and over, in different ways. He just couldn't see what I did. My brother has an office that is quite close to what I want, though my space is not quite as big as his, and also, he needed an office that would accommodate two people working at the same time if needed.  

But I just needed to keep working and eventually I had a functional workspace. I tend to take up a lot of space when I'm working. The table was absolutely necessary in addition to the desk as the desk doesn't have a huge working surface. The table converted easily into writing space, sewing space, crafting with kids space. And it also housed our PC, the only computer the kids are allowed to use.  I had options. I could put the laptop on the table and use the desk for paper, or vice versa. I had TONS of room.

Over the weekend, The trucker and I bought a new entertainment stand for downstairs. We ended up completely changing the living room area. I love it. We moved the PC off my table and no longer had a need for such a big surface near my desk. Angel Baby's dollhouse was in the way, still in the living room, so I caved in and agreed to take apart my table. The doll house fits great there, she can easily access all four sides of it.  

Now, after all this time... The trucker understands what I wanted from the beginning. He can see my vision for this space, or at least a lot closer to it. I have to have my work space, but I also need room for Angel Baby as she is home with me all day when I'm trying to work. Now that he can see it, he can understand it, he has promised that we will buy the pieces that I want and build this space up right.  I'm very excited about changing this up. I know that I have put a lot of time into making this space of mine work right for me and I will have to essentially start over again, but I'm loving the idea of having a nice space. With furniture that matches!

The downside for the moment is that Angel Baby is loving the basement. She has been playing downstairs all day today. The boys spent much more time down here this weekend also. The dollhouse by my desk is giving my little munchkin space to play nicely right beside me while I'm working. LOVELY! She is being so cooperative today because she is so close to me and well occupied. 

What? OH, yeah, the downside... I don't have enough space to work!! My make shift shelf is full of things. My table is gone. I'm limited to my little desk for work surface, and it's just too small! The drawers underneath mean it is only possible to sit on the right side. If I'm sitting here typing, the laptop is on the right side of the desk, I have space on the left for papers. But I'm right handed and need my papers on the right of the computer so I can write notes easily.  My legs are just in the way!  I need to move these drawers or something!  I need my space back!  I'm really wishing I had a small folding table or something that I could pop up beside me!

I've had to get up and stretch a lot more often today. My flow is interrupted. It requires moving the laptop more when I need to write something down. I don't have space to leave my calendar open as I normally would.  
I surely hope that I can get this new furniture bought SOON!

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  1. That work space looks great! I am so jealous. I would love to have my own office, but I just have a corner of the kitchen where the laptop sits. It is on the counter, so I have to stand to use it. When the kids aren't around I can manage to get comfortable on the couch with the laptop. Maybe someday I'll have an office! :-)