Monday, December 5, 2011

Try, Try Again

And so begins a new winter season of staying warm inside my home. That is opposed to the usual standing on the front step freezing my A$$ off to have that cigarette.  The trucker decided a few weeks ago that December 2nd was going to be our last day of being stinky smokers. I could have been offended or angry that he would make such a decision without my input, but it wouldn't have been worth the argument. Fact is, we both need to quit. We are both tired of the money we waste, especially since we had such a good long stretch of freedom.

Saturday morning we got up and gave the boys the opportunity to destroy whatever remaining cigarettes there were in the house. They were very excited to do so. Sadly, the job should have been given to Angel Baby. The boys squished up the packages, but didn't actually wreck the smokes inside. We had to show them how to do it. Angel Baby has successfully destroyed TONS of cigarettes in her time. She would have made short work of it!  My boys were so proud to be the beginning of the end of smoking around here. 

I look forward to the end of the Truckers nasty, neighbor waking snore. It was such a blessing when that went away last time, I really hope it works that way again. I look forward to money in the bank between paydays. I look forward to energy and clean breathing. Clothes that don't smell.  I look forward to being outside when I feel like playing, not trying to get through one more smoke before bed. I look forward to the morning cough disappearing for both of us. I won't missing the hack of the trucker at 4 am when I'm trying to sleep and he's getting ready for work. 

This is a different start for us, last year I had a couple days head start. This time, we are in it together from day 1. He is strong, he has just stopped cold turkey. I have an assortment of nicorette items around that will get me through his super cranky quit days, then I will reduce and eliminate the nicorette too.

The number one thing I missed after we started smoking again?  My time. Particularly in the winter. 5-7 minutes of smoking, plus having to get the kids settled into something where they wouldn't miss me for those minutes, plus the activity of getting bundled up and unbundled so I don't freeze entirely.

Do YOU need to quit with me too?  Dare you! Join me over on Facebook or hook up on Twitter. We can get through this together! I know it!

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  1. I am rooting for you both! It is a tough battle, but you can totally do it! Keep us updated! :-D