Monday, January 9, 2012

A Really Good Book And A Cup Of Tea

I've been through a rough patch, I'd say. It seems like each step forward meant another back. I haven't been going backwards, I just haven't been going anywhere! One thing after another. There is always another fire to put out somewhere. We finally catch up and then WHAM. Someone gets sick! Worst of it all is that I was the sick one. Seems like everyone kind of forgets how to live when a mommy gets sick. We're on the road to recovery. I hope.

Busy is good. Slowing down is good too.  I'm getting much better at taking time for myself and I think that's why I'm still moving. I've been keeping up with my exercise, well trying anyway. I've been playing with the kids, taking more family time and I've been reading.

A Lot.

I love reading. I love escaping to different worlds and losing myself in the characters. I love sharing the heartaches and fears. I love the suspense of 'what's on the next page?' I am terrible for starting a book and just getting lost in it. I've told you that before!  

Over the holidays, I read a ton. I read kids stories, of course. Christmas poems and songs. I read murder mystery, true crime and horror. I read teen lit and a little romance.  Do I have a preference in genre? No.  I tend to read more mystery and horror, but I'm really just a fan of a good book. A good writer can pull you into the story and nothing else matters. It reads so comfortably, it's just like reading a letter from a loved one. It feels right.

I find that if I get through the second chapter and I'm not totally engrossed in it, I will probably not finish it. That being said, there are a very small few books that I've picked up and not finished.  I love to read.

I greatly enjoy the way that my kids seem to have this same love of books. It thrills me to see them tear through a story in a day. they are both reading chapter books and novels now.  I hope they always love reading the way we all do now.

It reinforces my desire to write. I want to be that writer. I want some one else to pick up my writing and get lost in my characters. I want someone to feel the emotions I'm sharing. I want spread the feeling I get from every book I read. 

A smile, a tear, a giggle... a papercut from flipping pages so fast!

I'm still dreaming big. The difference now is that I'm acting on those dreams. I'm taking small steps to make it real.  One day, you will be able to buy MY book. I'm making no promises on the final outcome. I can't even promise what kind of book it will be. But I will live to see my name in print!

This post is actually my 100th post on Wendy Can't Cook. It has been so much fun to write and share my odd little mind with you for just over a year now. It's been a rollercoaster in many ways and I'm just so happy you came by to take a look.

Here's to another year and another 100 posts or more!

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  1. Congratulations on hitting 100 posts! I hope you can one day write a book. I, too, have big dreams of being a writer and having books published. I find that each time I pick up a book, it reinforces my dreams more and more. Such a wonderful feeling too! I just wish I had more time to write. Maybe someday...