Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rain Snow Sleet or .... I'll Stay Home

It's Halloween Hangover day! I was explaining to the family last night, the belief I hold that November 1st should be a day off. I suppose it's partly due to having had my first Halloween when I was 8 years old, so I'm a total dork when it comes to these holidays. When Halloween falls in the middle of the week, no one ever gets to bed on time. Here, it was pretty cold last night so even if we didn't break into any of the goodies, it took quite awhile for everyone's cheeks to warm up.

I was tired. I'm already over extended since Angel Baby pinched a nerve in her neck over the weekend and has been feeling crappy. I'm over exhausted from waking up so many times and then from my late night costume building extravaganza the other night. Then, Art started complaining. "Every thing hurts." And after the extended exercise and cold air last night he had a cramp on top of being tired and cranky.

This morning was painful.

There is not enough coffee anywhere right now to pull me up. I've got some stuff done, but not much. I'm wiped. My Momsomnia brain just doesn't want to work. I heard every sound in the house last night because my brain is still lost somewhere last week in trying to figure out what the f*ck actually happened to my little girl, and the pain of not being able to do anything to help her.

I'm tired.

So, when the Trucker called this morning and said "Honey, it's ice rain right now, I'm not sure if you want to take the kids or not." I really considered it. Art woke up feeling better, so I figured it couldn't be too bad. And then, he asked for a smoothie for breakfast which depleted my jug of milk in the fridge. And I need milk in my coffee.

So I scraped the layers of ice off the car (really wishing I had my van today!). Got the kids to school, one was late but that was due to the stubbornness of the ice on my windshield .  Went to pick up the milk and came home. Not bad. Roads are not too bad, and it isn't really cold. Today isn't windy. I can do this.

FAST FORWARD a couple hours....

Now it's been snowing for a few hours and it's all sitting on top of the ice from the rain this morning. Now, after my coffee is gone and I really don't feel any more awake, and it really doesn't feel like it was worth going out to buy the stinkin milk in the first place... I am seriously kicking myself in the ass for having taken the kids to school when the Trucker gave me such an easy out!! I have to go out in this. No choice. I have to pick up my kids. Geez... What was I thinking?

Yep, I am a Prairies girl. Yes, we get this kind of weather every year. And yes, most people don't get a choice to stay in on days like this.... But I DO.

I made the WRONG one.

Tease me all you want. I can take it.

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