Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MMMMmmmmmm Muffins - I need your help!

Calling all bakers!

I need help!

I have a very limited list of muffin recipes that I like. I have some that are great but seem like a ton of work. Some that are easy, but not really that good for you. Some that taste more like cupcakes than muffins. I hate to buy them and I'm pretty much the only one in my house that will eat them.
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I'm trying to force myself into a better breakfast routine. I know that I feel best when I have breakfast. Lately, I have been making smoothies for Art and I in the morning. But you can only have so many smoothies before you want something different. Well, that and the fact that Art has decided on only ONE kind that he likes. Not my favorite, but it's much better for him than anything else. He's still my boy, can't wake up easily and isn't very hungry in the morning. I've made many breakfasts that didn't get eaten, so a smoothie is a decent compromise. I know it's healthy and he thinks it's a treat.

Back to the subject at hand...

I'm looking for new varieties, quick and easy recipes that are tasty and can either make a small batch or keep well in the fridge or freezer.  I can google, I can search up recipes, but I'm checking with those of you who still read this blog... I trust your reviews more! I already know you have good taste. (haha)

So, you can comment below with your favorite recipe, email me at iamabusymama(at)gmail(dot)com, post on my facebook page or even message me through facebook.

I'll try them out and let you know how they go.

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