Friday, May 24, 2013

Reading and Rambling

I'm in the mood to write right now, but I have no clue what I actually want to write about. So, hold on to something, we're going on the rollercoaster ride of my brain with no real direction. I usually find that the road I want sort of makes itself appear. I'm just going to type all this randomness until something happens, or until I'm just done. Okay? Okay.

No, wait... I have to go switch the laundry...

Have I ever told you how much I hate doing laundry? At least I made three bucks on this load. I hate that no one checks their pockets here, but I love that no one checks their pockets. haha

I'm feeling mellow today. I finished a novel this afternoon, last of a series of 6. Which is funny because if I had known when I read the first one that there were six, I probably wouldn't have started it. I read one, then found out there were more. Thought it was a trilogy until I came across the fourth. Then I was done for a month or two. I thought it was strange that the story didn't really end. Each book has it's own ending, so you do feel that it is over, but that one seemed like it should wrap up the whole story, you know? And out of the blue, I stumble into "Book Six Has Been Released!"

Ummm... six? really? So I scramble to the library and get book five. Read it in a couple days and then checked for six. The library had copies on order, not even in yet- THAT new. Placed my hold and relished the feeling of being the first library patron to read this copy of this book... Yep, I'm that kind of book dork.

Anyway... I finished it today. I loved it. I really felt connected to the characters, even though they were under 15. It was well written. If I tried to describe it, you'd probably think I was nuts. The storyline is kind of sci fi, but very cool if you give it a shot. If you want some reading that will last awhile but not get boring, give the Gone Series by Michael Grant a try.

Well that was interesting. There are book trailer videos on the home page at that site. Funny how video doesn't really match up to your imagination.

Ever done that before? Picked up a book that you would have avoided if you knew it was a series?

I'm starting Perks of Being a Wallflower next.

I started a weight loss plan two weeks ago. Tracking over at SparkPeople, eating better and exercising more. I'm down 3.5 lbs so far. Lets hope I don't spring back up!! I hate that. I lost twenty lbs. last year but then gained 15 back in no time when I quit smoking. I'm done with that. This weight is coming OFF. I have a closet full of really nice clothes that I want to wear again. Dammit, I want to be too small for them!!! But first things first, I will go one day at a time and just keep paying attention and making good choices. I don't want to 'diet' really, no drastic measures. Just maintain my health and pray it all comes together.

24 school days left until summer.  Sad that I started counting down before the kids did.

Its a grey rainy day here today. Normally, I'd hate that. Today is okay, it's been so dry and there have been fires all over the place. We need the rain. I swear I can already see the grass getting greener.

This didn't really help my need to write. And it probably didn't provide much in the way of entertainment for you. It's a little heavy on the book review side too... I should watch that. I read a LOT. I apologize, sometimes it spills over.  Like when I read the Alchemist, it held on to me for a long time. I can't wait until someone else can say they got sucked right in to a novel that I wrote. But, my character is kind of in hiding write now. She's lost in the back of my mind. Perhaps thinking of what she needs to do next. I don't know. I know that she will make an appearance again very soon. She never stays away long. And usually, it's about 1 am when she starts filling my head with ideas.

Take care friends... I'm off to cook dinner and probably read some more.

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