Monday, May 13, 2013

Running in Place - A Treadmill Adventure

I had to cancel my gym membership last summer. I wasn't really thrilled about it, but when I left my job I had to reduce my expenses also. I've been struggling with fitness since then. I've also been battling nicotine addictions and that has caused big fluctuations in my weight also.

I am now three months smoke free again and I feel great about that. I managed to get through it this time without horrible binging since I chose healthy snacks to munch on and I measured them out so I wouldn't just eat indefinitely. BUT... Nicotine DOES affect my metabolism. It was a painfully long road to lose 20 lbs before and within 2 months (not even) I had 15 of them back.

So, I've been on the lookout for a treadmill for awhile. They are just so BIG and so expensive that I never seem to find something I like. One day a few weeks ago, I mentioned this to my Dad. He has one in his basement that is not being used and I asked if I could buy it. He said I could have it free as long as I hurry up and get it out of there.

Three weeks of shuffling, debating, trying to find the perfect spot to put a big machine like that, and I was off to pick it up. Surprise! It's small. It's actually got a shorter deck that what I remembered and I was fortunate enough to fit it in the corner of my bedroom, exactly where I hoped it would go. Dad had recently lubricated the track and I needed to make some adjustments to the tension and such. Got it set perfect and humming along.

I was totally pumped up. I had my workout gear on, tunes at the ready, Angel Baby was all set up to play on my bed. Pulled my hair back. Grabbed some ice cold water... Started up the machine.

Five minutes in to a still slow paced walk, the thing started surging. Sudden bursts of great speeds then a lag and back to the original setting. The motor is sparking each time it surges too. SIGH. I have a few calls to make now to see if it will be worth fixing at all, or if I now have a big machine to run in place on.... without a motor.

I swear, it is one step forward and two back all the time.
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Yes, I am aware that there is a sidewalk outside. But have you ever tried to walk at a decent pace with a preschooler in tow? I have the energy to do this in the morning, but the childcare in the evening. Something will work out... I know it will. Just have to keep being patient.

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