Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dancing In The Kitchen

Whistle while you work, crank the music while you clean house, dance in the kitchen.  Things that make work more enjoyable, right?  Definitely something I know I should work on.  I have days where I don't even want to step in the kitchen.  Forget cooking or cleaning.  And dancing?  yeah, right.

I remember stories of my grandparents dancing in the kitchen.  Of course that was partly because they had no electricity and the 'good light' was kept in the kitchen.  But they were happy and cheerful and loving and they really did often dance around the kitchen. Such warm memories to hold.

A week or so ago, I was just in the last few minutes of dinner preparation, shuffling back and forth through the whole kitchen doing my own little 'dance' (though not a pleasant one).  Dear Trucker came into the kitchen  following close behind the "angel baby". This toddling monster was determined to find a snack before dinner.

So here's the picture.... a busy and FAST toddler trying desperately to get into something. If not a fridge then a cupboard... Daddy trying to keep her out from under mommy's feet at the same time as blocking her access to the fridge and cupboards.... Mommy spinning around, draining the pasta, stirring the sauces, turning the meat, etc.... All three of us twirling around the kitchen to an unheard rhythm.

Grandma had a ride home that particular night and for some reason, they chose to drop her off at the back of the house. They had a clear view of our kitchen window.  Her friend paused and smiled and commented to my mom...

"That's so nice, your family is dancing together in the kitchen!"

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