Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tales From The Tooth Fairy

Oh, the joys of an almost seven year old!  He is currently in the stage where there are a lot of loose teeth going around. I keep joking about how the tooth fairy is going to go broke if he keeps it up.  Not to mention the older brother who is in the process of losing the last of his baby teeth.  The tooth fairy has been visiting quite a lot lately.

There was much discussion just before Christmas here about the effects of losing a tooth on Christmas eve, which was a definite possibility. If Santa won't come if you're awake and the Tooth Fairy won't come if you are awake, what if they hear each other?  Will they KNOW who it is or think it is you?  Wouldn't that be awful to wake up to nothing?

I've raised some thinkers!

Most recently, we had a very stubborn tooth.  That boy wiggled and jiggled and twisted and pulled for days and days.  It was a good yank away from freedom.  The very first loose tooth was yanked unexpectedly by a well meaning Aunty, so now NO ONE gets near his mouth when there is a wiggly tooth.  Thus, freedom remained elusive for this little tooth. 

Day after day he got more frustrated. That wiggly tooth made it hard to chew. It was in the way. It poked his lips and bugged his tongue.  Then one night, I made pasta for dinner.  I have become a big fan of broad noodles lately so we were eating pasta with a creamy chicken sauce that day.  This is a great dish, however, not one of the kids favorites. It's often a fight to get them to eat this meal too.
He took a big mouthful of noodles and that stubborn tooth stuck.  The noodles were done just about as perfectly as I am capable of, so the tooth just nestled right in!  
I finally figured out how to cook the pasta 
Al Dente
He was so excited that it was finally gone. He was thrilled that he caught it and didn't swallow it.
(That also led to a discussion once, about whether or not the tooth fairy comes if you DON'T put it under your pillow.  She is magic, why can't she get it from your belly?  Wait, that's kind of gross.  Would she really be able to get it?  She wouldn't pay you if she didn't get the tooth.  Eeww... does she wait until it... comes out?)

The next morning at school, he shared his excitement about the newest lost tooth.  He told the kids in class and his teacher that my "cooking is so bad, the tooth couldn't take it!  It got stuck in the yucky noodles and wouldn't let go." 

He also suggested that the tooth fairy is the only fan of my cooking.... 
she gets a lot of teeth that way.

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