Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Benefits of School That I Didn't Know

Yes, yes, education is important and can take you to great places. It can open your mind, feed your soul... blah, blah, blah. Not that those aren't great things, but what I have found by adding this upgrading course to my already crazy life is that the best benefits of returning to school as a mother strike much closer to home. 

As in, IN the home.

Oh Yes. You have no idea. 

From getting ready for school to ensuring that assignments are done on time. I have new ammunition.

"But, Mom....Why do I have to do this?" 
"Because, if I can do homework, you can do homework."

Bahahahaha.... couldn't have planned this better.

"No, you need to go to sleep now because I need to go to sleep because we ALL have school tomorrow."

And when they try to get smart, I can get back at them. "oh, yeah, mom? Did YOU do YOUR homework?" Why, yes I did and it's even here, typed and printed, THREE DAYS EARLY. So there!

I know this is just the beginning, I have a few long crazy months ahead of me. I'm hoping that things settle down soon because this is just to busy, even for me. I've had appointments almost every day for two weeks and I'm used to leaving the house maybe twice. The kids are so far handling this well, they are not totally used to being with just Dad. Aside from my gym time (which I had to suspend for a few months) I am always here. 

Last week, I left for school at 6 p.m. Tuesday and didn't see Angel Baby until 11 a.m the next day. I had a meeting for work that hauled me out right after dropping the boys at school and she was still sleeping. Once I finally got home, she held on to my neck, stayed on my lap, held my legs if I tried to walk and even followed me to the bathroom for most of the afternoon. Angel Baby was NOT impressed with me. 

I'm having a lot more trouble with her throwing things, demanding time and attention from everyone. I know that it is quite largely related to my absence. In her almost 4 years, I have been here for pretty much everything. If I am away for a day, it was usually a month or more before I went away again.

And besides, for another year and a half, my ammunition from school is worthless. Homework for her is making the mess that I need to help clean up. To her, it's more like HOME is where your WORK is.

Wish me luck!

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