Thursday, July 7, 2011

Short and Sweet. I Need Sleep

Summer has jumped on my life like the Mud Puddle hiding on the roof in Robert Munsch's stories. As always, I want to have some structure. Some daily game plan that will carry us through without turning our days and nights upside down. I have not yet, ever, figured out how to make my summers semi-predictable. But truthfully, I am okay with that. well, mostly.   The kids work hard for 10 months. They deserve a break.
Last night, we had a magnificent thunderstorm. I could spend hours listening to the thunder rolling... but Art... can NOT.  It's a fear of nature that will pass eventually and until then, I need to be the supportive loving mommy. I need to push him to peak out the window and be amazed by the faraway lines of the lightning in the sky.  I need to show him that thunder is just noise. Like drums in the sky.

As marvelous as that all sounds.... it was nearly 1:30 when I got him to go to sleep last night. Nearly 2:30 when I finally got to bed. And the dear Trucker's alarm started ringing at 3:15. I had to drive him to his truck this morning, or lose my van for the day.  Back home at just past 4:30. 

Thankfully the kids ALL slept late. Even Angel Baby.  But man... my system is messed UP. It's approaching midnight... boys are still awake... and me.  AND I have my full day meeting tomorrow.  I will reinforce a decent bedtime soon, but I can't fight mother nature. The storms will come when they are ready, no matter what time bedtime is. 

JUST. ADD. COFFEE.  (lots!)

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  1. My 3 year old is always terrified of storms, so when they come rolling in in the middle of the night, I just know the screaming will start soon. At least your little ones slept in for you! Mine are always up at 6:30. You could set your watch by them. As a woman who is not a morning person, coffee, coffee, and more coffee please!