Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Preparing For A Holiday

This week is crazy, (aren't they all?) getting ready for a break.  Mom is constantly tidying, waiting patiently for us to leave her in her clean home so she can enjoy it actually staying clean for a few days. I think she's got some great plans for this weekend.  Steam cleaning the carpets and the like.  (I wish I could say I was kidding, but that really is the plan). 

I've been busy building lists, planning and plotting, so I have everything we need. I'm a good girl scout. hehehe

I've got food almost completely figured out, listed the things we need for the kids. The portable pharmacy is listed (tylenol, bug spray, benadryl, bandaids) and I have checked what I need to buy vs. what I can bring from home.

I've been working, but not consistently, I just may have a good all-nighter in my future so I don't have to sweat my hours next week. But we'll see. As long as I keep pushing a little at a time, it will all get done.

I am looking forward to the trip. My anniversary falls this weekend and I am spending it with people that I love.  I am out of cell phone range, away from the Wi-Fi addiction, yet I still have my coffee maker so I'm ALL. GOOD.  Normally, we allow the kids to bring their DSi's on a trip like this, but I am strongly thinking we may leave them behind this time. It'll do my boys some good to be completely disconnected for a few days.  Especially since our wireless Wednesdays have fallen to the side this summer.  We have had a lot of rainy days so far, we have not been able to get outside a whole lot.  And of course, this directly translates into Mom-doesn't-really-care-either-way days.  So I let them play, I force occasional breaks but overall they have spent a great deal of time on devices. 

Who am I to judge. I have access to 4 email accounts, twitter and facebook on. my. phone.  I am way too connected.  My only requirement of a cell phone before now, was simply that it would ring.  And now, half of my life runs through my phone. I have time management apps, calendars, notepads, a TON of music.  I joked before about not feeling smarter...but I have come to the conclusion that the phone is always smarter than those of us who keep using the stinkin things.  Every time I find a new app or toy on there, I am hooked. I have yet to find something I hated. 

I've been stressing this week. I haven't posted anything for awhile. I have several half written stories, left unpublished because I just can't get the right message out of my head and onto the screen. Perhaps this weekend will shift my focus.

I have been getting ahead of myself and at the same time falling behind. I have tons to do, and tons I don't want to do. I feel guilty for letting things slide. I think now is a great time for a break. A reminder that what is special to me is not found online.

I'd promise some brilliant posts for when I get back, but I'm just going to be realistic.... that's one more demand I don't want to place on myself right now.  I am looking forward to just being free.

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  1. Enjoy your time away and don't worry about blogging! I took all last week off for our family vacation - I really needed that break. Enjoy yourself! We'll all be here when you get back...