Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Feel Smarter Already. SMRT At Least

I've moved up in the world. If you can call this up anyway.  I've finally traded in my simple little phone.  Mainly swayed by the awesome promotion and the plan is roughly the same cost as I already paid out. New PS3 with the deal. Yay us, one more thing to shut off on Wednesdays.  Anyway... the current theme in our house has now shifted to
"Hey, did you know you could do this?"  
Or "Check this out, it's hilarious!"  
I've streamlined my calendars, I've updated my checklists and put them in evernote for ease of access every where.  I've copied over some of my favorite songs. I've uploaded my Robert Munsch stories for the kids. These are great when Angel Baby and I are waiting for the boys after school.

I've spent way too much time on this. My kids have figured out that if Dad and I have this racing game they can play against each other in our wi-fi range. Really. And they kicked my ass at it too. Both of them. 

I also learned that if you are playing a racing game like that on a motion sensitive device like this, IN A MOVING VEHICLE, you are a million times more likely to suffer motion sickness. The lines on your screen do not match the lines on the road.  Try focusing on that!
It's much like the 3D effect on my placemats at home. Seriously, they look cool but when you are trying to focus on something small on a surface like that, your eyes will glaze over and you will not be able to focus on anything for a while!

The best part of these smart phones so far, is that my mom went from an OLD Nokia phone to this Samsung Captivate.  She is not a techy type at all. Even with this old phone she could do little more than make a call. She carries a paper phone book in her purse because navigating the directory in her cell was a nightmare. She was able to read a text message, once. And then she could never find it again.
This phone was older than the kid selling me the new ones, I swear. The look on his face when I showed it to him was absolutely priceless. And it was perfectly followed by him showing his coworker in true kid fashion:

"Oh my god, Dude, LOOK at this!"

I was so proud...teeheehee

The phone she was using was my first 'upgrade', so my second cell phone EVER. Like 15 years ago. But it still works pretty damn good. The battery is just now starting to lose power. Can you imagine?  I could only dream my new phone lasted half as long.  But it is fun NOW no matter what happens to it down the road.

I could go into a long speech about why I chose Android over iPhone, but I'm not. I don't really have a great reason. Maybe I just like to be different.  haha. The absolute greatest part of this purchase is teaching my mom something new. She shakes a bit when she uses it, like she's afraid of it. She can barely turn a computer on and I've put this in her hands. But, God love her, she's trying hard. She can read a text, and find it again. She can work her voicemail. And she's loving showing off to all of her friends and acquaintances who have teased her in the past.  "Look what my kids gave ME for Fathers Day," she jokes.
Yesterday, in the early afternoon, my cell rang. It was mom.

"Hello?" I say.

"Holy Sh**! I did it! It worked!" She squeals.

I don't know if I care how long this phone lasts, or how it works with everything I like to use.... 
It's paid for itself in giggles already.

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  1. AWESOME! I'm getting a smart phone at the beginning of next week, and you have upped the excitement factor by about a bazillion! (my phone is only 2 years old, but in cellphone years that's ancient, lol). Now if I could only get my mom to text.......