Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WWE - Unplugged and Unstoppable

June 8 edition
Tonight, was a bit mixed up. Macboy had invited a friend over and they begged for an exception.  This friend doesn't get over here much and they like to play the old games, like the Sega Genesis and Gamecube (if anyone knows where I can get my hands on Super Smash Bros Melee for Gamecube SUPER cheap... email me!! or facebook or tweet) but I really didn't want to be weak and undermine MYSELF.  

I'm weak. What can I say?

I finally caved in at 4:10 and allowed them until 5 pm to play their game.  You will never guess their reaction!! They played for less than 15 minutes and went outside. Things are not as fun when they are allowed. It was pretty cloudy, I totally expected rain, but it wasn't too cold and the rain stayed away.  Quiet play in the yard quickly turned into a water fight and I had 3 soaked boys in the backyard. One of which wasn't mine so had no dry clothes to change into.  I gave them towels and a 10 minute warning before their friend had to go.  They ran, they dried, they said goodbyes.

Then in the true style of my children, they dropped the wet clothes on the carpet next to the hamper (I reminded them to pick them up) and they ran for the rest of the night in their underwear.  Seriously, the best time to be at home is when you know you don't have to go anywhere at all.  We had tacos for dinner, without Dad who was out running an errand after work.  

Don't tell anyone but I actually got in on the game under the table at supper instead of my usual freaking out.  They have this big oversized ball that I can't make disappear because Art bought it with his own money.  It drives me nuts.  At least a couple times in the last week they have snuck it under one of their chairs and then half way through dinner I discover that they are kicking it between them. The big clue is when the Angel Baby gets that full belly laugh going because it's hit her toes or she's had a good kick back.  Last night, I confiscated the ball and tucked it under my chair. Then I slowly rolled it out (it makes an awesome foot rest) and waited for prime opportunity. The first kick was caught by Macboy sitting at my right. Then he tried to prevent me from kicking it farther and starting something. "The rules apply to you too, MOM."  Smart little bugger.  I finally succeeded in convincing him through sign language to move his stinky feet so I could do something else.  

You should have seen the size of Art's eyes when I kicked the ball straight across.  He didn't know where it came from, somehow oblivious to the quiet but animated conversation between Macboy and I.  He had the look of "do I say something? is that mom?  What do I do?"  So, I jumped in 
"What are you doing!! 
Do you have that ball again?  
Who gave it back to you?!?!"
Well... I could only hold out seconds watching the thoughts flash through his mind before I cracked up. And we ended up playing pass through the rest of dinner.  Well, until Angel Baby finished her dinner and climbed down announcing "YOINK" as she stole the ball from all of us and ran off with it.

Angel Baby doesn't seem to care one way or the other about media free nights.  I think she Loves it.  She monopolizes everyone's attention with her dance moves and giggles. She chases and tickles and bugs everyone.  (it's a new word, bug, and she says it while poking your shoulder. "Bug, bug, bug.")

We even made cookies. My recipe that usually produces at least three dozen only made 2 this time. But we had fun eating the cookie dough... the boys kept 'sneaking' it. They should never turn to a life of crime or become secret agents, they are not good at being sneaky.

The only downside was that the trucker didn't really join us this time. He was on the iPad or laptop much of the evening.  But he DID leave the TV off... so that's something. Maybe next time.


  1. LOVE the ball! I'll have my first Tech-Free Tuesday post up tonight - thanks for inspiring me!