Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back To The Real World

I've spent my entire weekend on my family, I did not take time to write anything.  I did not do laundry, I didn't clean the house.
I have spent my time well.

I've laughed hard the last few days. From the discovery of yet another dose of marker and pencil on Art's walls (pink this time) to playing Wii games with my inlaws. (yes, just the adults playing...) and so, so much more in between. 

I have cried harder than I have in a while too. I delved in to some heavy duty issues that have been long avoided. I tackled some critical hurdles emotionally, physically, and financially. I've noticed some great milestones with my children. And within myself.

I've been aware, attentive, awake to the life that I'm living. I've let go of some things I thought were important and grabbed tight to somethings I had been forgetting.  This, right now, is my life. I don't want to ever wonder where it all went.

I've been unplugged. I've been mostly missing from Facebook, email, etc.  An occasional peek now and then, but not hours with it open.  I've spent time with the phone off (and finally upgraded to the smart phone world.) I've spent time away from home that was not just grocery shopping. 

I played in the rain with my kids.

I battled my cigarette addictions. AGAIN But I'm coming out strong.

I've assessed my schedule. I've reviewed my daily/weekly tasks. I've delegated some more and eliminated a few things. I've also added some specific Busy Mama and Trucker Only time. We've been skipping that a bit too much.

I can not sincerely remember a time that I have physically done so little. Even my mother earlier tonight commented on how I accomplished less this week than I normally would even with working.  And you know what I said?

"I KNOW. Isn't that AWESOME?"

I feel fabulous. I feel strong. 
I feel reconnected to my trucker (I was missing him lately). 
I feel supported. I feel fresh. I feel energized.

I've got my sense of "I CAN" back.

So come on world, let's get moving.  
I can take what you have to throw at me.  
I'm ready. 
Monday Morning, I'm jumping in with both feet and eyes WIDE OPEN.

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