Friday, May 13, 2011

Mom Lessons - Stay Focused

You can accomplish great things if you walk with purpose.  Take each step in faith that the end result will be exactly how you want it to be.  If you stay focused, don't let anyone distract you, no goal is out of reach. No dream is beyond grasping. Even if your steps are small, or you get delayed along the way, step forward again as soon as you can.

A side lesson is hidden here too.  My little girl reinforced a message I have shared before, celebrating small things is important too.  A goal, no matter how big or small, is a goal that should be celebrated.  We control all of the moments in our lives.  Every little step we take will take us closer to what we want.
Always start small.  
If you keep a slow and steady pace you will succeed.
 If you think the grass is greener over there...
go look or get over it.
 Finish what you start.
Our goals are often personal.
Meaning, they don't need to make sense to 

I do sincerely wish that I could work on things with that same focus.  Have you ever watched your toddler coloring?  The serious look, tongue sticking out slightly as they work studiously on completing that perfect little line.  Even though the final result is always a full page of scribbles, they hand it to us with such pride and determination that we just can't do anything but hang it on the fridge!  I wish I could take such pride in my work instead of second-guessing myself.  

This little lady, my Angel Baby, spent almost a full hour finding the right bits of dirt, the perfect blades of grass, the right sized rocks and mixed them ever so carefully in her bucket.  She was so proud to present her final product.  She giggled like crazy when I took the last picture.  

And, for the record... this time...
the grass really was greener over there.


  1. Wow. I love this. It was a perfect message for me today. Thank you!!!

  2. Great post! we all need this reminder sometimes!

  3. Thank you ladies. This blog is somewhat like a diary, I get to write the occasional important message and I am even more likely to read it again later on as a refresher.
    One more coming tomorrow, then I think the Mom lessons will take a break.