Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well, Hello Darlin'! How Was YOUR Day?

"What?  Me?  Oh, my, really?  Do you actually want to know how MY day was?  I'm not sure I remember the last time someone here asked me that!!"

"You are probably just imagining this."

"Yes, I do understand that you are just the crazed voice in the back of my mind right now.  That's okay, someone needs to listen now and then."

"Well, since you asked...  I didn't sleep that well last night. I got caught up in a search for something different on my blog.  Then I didn't do it anyway.  I finally crawled in bed and the trucker was snoring SOOO loud!!"

"You heard that too?  Wasn't that awful?"

"Yeah, it was.  I couldn't hide! And at one point I had stretched my arm out across his tummy and he caught me by the wrist.  Wouldn't let go.  I couldn't roll over and I couldn't even plug both ears with just one hand. UGH."

"You should have gone to bed earlier, you know. You're never gonna get better if you keep this up." 

"I know. I just get sidetracked sometimes. And it's exciting doing this blogging stuff. I'm feeling ...useful.  Anyway.  Today was a gong show.  Not much went the way it should have.  It was jumping back and forth, do this, do that, the Angel Baby feeling better (so being even less Angel than usual). At least the kids got out the door on time."

"You got a fair bit of work done though."

"Yeah, I did. But I felt like it was at the expense of my sanity.  I have a juice stain on the carpet to clean now. I'm not sure where my glasses are since I put them up just before Angel Baby tried to break them again. (I don't know WHY she's so fascinated by my glasses.)  By the time the kids got home, I was already exhausted, but really the bulk of my day's work starts at 3:30."

"They were arguing before we even got home!"

"I know!  Selfish little buggers. They saw that Angel Baby had a new toy. Didn't even ask what it was from, just 'did you buy something for us?'  Really, it wasn't even from me.  A gift from the neighbors.  I told them NO.  Later at home, I let them have the treats. BUT really, how RUDE."

"You told them why, hopefully, next time is better."

"And the trucker. UGH.   Calls to say he won't be home in time for dinner. 'Don't worry about me.' So, what do I do?  I DON'T worry about him.  I made my szechuan chicken stir fry.  It was awesome!  The kids didn't really like it, but they ate it. Angel Baby DEVOURED IT and stole the noodles from the boys.  BUT then trucker man calls. LIKE 4 TIMES. While I'm trying to eat dinner."

"I was already hitting that sensory overload.  Ask the kids, I shut my eyes and plugged my ears at the dinner table for a few minutes.  There was just NOISE everywhere.  And the stupid phone 
would                  not               stop
Finally he seemed to get the idea that I wanted to eat.  But then before I got far into cleaning the kitchen, he called. Twice in a row, cuz water was running and I didn't hear it the first time.  Asking me to phone the burger place and see if they have this special burger on at this location."


"THAT'S WHAT I SAID!!  Man, I need to start smoking again.  hahaha"

"So, what'd you do?"

"He flipped out because he 'can't just call from the road' and got all b*tchy.  I said fine, hung up on him, grabbed the stupid phone book, called the stupid restaraunt...."



"Oh, man, really?"

"So I call the trucker back.  I told him I DON'T KNOW CUZ THEY DON'T ANSWER.  He says he doesn't really want to go out of his way if they don't have it.  He says, 'well, what am I gonna eat?'  I was pissed.  So I said
Duh.  I have to actually SAY this?  Come on.  What the hell is wrong with people these days?  Who gave you the right to act like king?  You want to be a king? Buy me a damn castle.  But for now, I'm working too. EAT it or SHUT UP."

"Bahahahaha... .You're still mad!"

"HELL YEAH.  Stubborn bugger went to bed without eating. What are you?  Two?"

"The kids drove me nuts. Constant arguing.  Simply NOT listening. Trucker's being schmuck, and Mom is all emotional because of a sick friend.   Just one of those days. I'm tired, I'm fighting nature, and I'm sick. Give me a break already.  Why doesn't anyone think I have things of my own to do?"

"Because you always do it for them.  They don't know that you feel crappy until you tell them. They don't know you're busy unless you say so.  So they ask like they do every other day. They are just in shock because you said NO." 

"You Think So?"

"You know it, lady.  You do this all the time.  You don't want to do it all, but you just keep doing it.  You delegate dishes to the kids, but you don't want to wait or fight for 2 hours to make them do it, so you send them out of the kitchen.  You know... it wouldn't kill you to say no more often.  You CAN'T do it all, and you need to stop pretending you can."

"I'm not pretending. I can do this, when I'm not sick, of course."

"And you don't see a connection there, huh?"

"What?  Oh. I get it. I'm wearing myself out because I'm doing too much for everyone and that's why I'm sick."

 "Good job! Took you long enough."

"You know, 
you're a lot nicer 
when you give this advice 

"What can I say. 
You should listen to yourself more often.  
Then we wouldn't need to have these talks."

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  1. Holy crap....I think I could have written this myself. Well, except for the husband part.

    Hang in there - it will (should?) get better.