Monday, May 16, 2011

What Else Can You Do?

Please soothe my burning throat?
I'm really not feeling well.  I've got a terrible headcold and a sore throat. Today I woke up with almost no voice. As much as my family may enjoy the break, I'm hoping this doesn't last.  Yesterday, I was hopeful that this would pass quickly.  A good night's sleep would have me back on track today, or at least closer to it.  But no, of course, that would be too easy. 

Summer is coming, the nights are brighter, the boys don't fall asleep as well.  At 11:15 I screamed down the hall "That's the last time I will see you out of your ROOM!"  It wasn't the last time, though.  And NO, I don't think that screaming at my kids all night has anything to do with my lost voice. haha.  

The Angel Baby has this same bug that I have.  She's so stuffed up and tired looking it breaks my heart.  Last night while I was cooking dinner she fell asleep on the couch.  I quietly so those few words that I hate to HAVE TO say.  "Better let her sleep. She's tired and sick. She needs it. It'll be okay."  Yep, it was. GREAT. She slept until 10:30.  Then she was ready for the party and kind of ticked that there wasn't one.  

I did finally manage to crawl into bed somewhere around 1.  But I woke up a bunch of times anyway.  I am wiped.  After taking the boys to school this morning, I crawled back in bed.  Miss Party Animal kindly slept until almost 11 am. 
After getting up, I got her and I dressed and got the boys lunch ready. Today will be a no-nap-for-princesses day, but at least I got some sleep this morning.

Being in this foggy state, I have accomplished very little.  Miss Angel Baby is being extra... special... today.  And I'm ready to go insane.   I decided that I should at least get the dishes done and kitchen cleaned up.  I avoided the dishes last night since I thought a good sleep would fix me up.  Even if it didn't work out that way... those stinkin (almost literally stinky) dishes were glaring at me from the dirty countertop.
The perfect workspace?
I had to change the water a few times.  I had to sit and catch my bearings after the hot water gave me dizzy spells a couple times.  I had to work around the extra chair and the Angel Baby washing dishes with me.  It took much longer than normal.

I stopped to dry a few things a second time (making space for more washing), when I reached over to grab more from the drain rack I realized that Angel Baby was taking clean things and throwing them back in the dishwater.
Then she started swinging the soaking wet dish cloth around, trying to 'give' it to me.

I felt my last nerve snap.


With her beautiful little smile, 
ear to ear and oh, so proud, 
She starts clapping and says 

Oh, crap. What do I do now?  She is 2, she is not sabotaging my secret plan to take over the world one stinkin dish at a time.  No matter how crappy I feel, I can't say no to that!  
If I start saying no now, she may never want to help later....
Heaven help me, she's the only hope I've got!


  1. Oh how I relate to this! Being the only parent, when I am sick, nothing gets done. Then when I try to do something, it gets undone.

    But remember - it will all get done eventually. And a pile of dirty dishes will wait.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I agree - dirty dishes will get cleaned eventually - and I hear you on the "helpful" toddler experience:)