Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day In The Life...

If you are like me, you have someone peeking around the corner of the shower curtain or walking in while you're going pee.
You have someone wiping their nose on you several times a day.
You have scribbles on every single piece of paper you need.
You have cars in your purse and crayons with paper.  And a diaper or pull up.
You have shoes that don't have laces, so you can run out the door in seconds.
You never get the remote.
You have more sand in your vehicle than there is in the sandbox.
You have a constant head ache.
You are more likely to say 'yes' just because it's easier than arguing through a no.
You consider grocery shopping with no kids "me time".
You forget at least one thing EVERY DAY.
You want to do more.
You want to do less.
You put your heart on the line way too often.
You have faith in people (even those that you shouldn't).
You cry over everything.
You wonder why EVERYONE seems angry or rushed these days.
You bite your tongue too much.
You speak your mind too much.
You turn off everything when you are alone. (TV. Radio. Unnecessary lights.)
You crawl in bed exhausted but can never fall asleep.

You need a hug.
You need a kind word.
You need a day off.
You need tylenol.
You need confidence.
You need control.
You need to pee ALONE.

If you are like me, your life drives you crazy and yet you wouldn't want it any other way.
If you are like me, you always put yourself last.
If you are like me, you are lost in your own life.
If you are like me, I'm sorry. 
If you are like me, let's change it.

Join me.  Forget flylady, forget happiness projects and psychology.  Let's start today. We can take a lesson from the Serenity Prayer.  We need to start letting go of things we can not change and making note of the things we CAN. 

What is something you can change today?  What's stopping you?  

Let's drop the negativity.

Wendy Can't Cook, but Wendy CAN  ___________________________  

I will make a list of positives. Next post is going to be 

Come hell or high water (where did that phrase come from originally?) I am going to be a happy busy mama by the end of June.  Ready?

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