Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Other Beach.

Short follow up and a few random thoughts today...

I have booked my vacation time.  I am going to be a slightly LESS busy mama for a whole week in June.  I have loaded my Kobo with some new good reads, made a list of the projects that I need to get done, and I'm going to slooooooowwwwww doooooowwwwwwnnn.

Sound good?  
Does to me, and that's all that matters!  

2 days til media free Wednesday, though if the kids carry on as they were tonight, it will go by quickly.  Lots of outdoor play tonight. YAY.

And now, on one Wednesday in the middle of June, my media free day will start first thing in the morning.  Kids or no kids, I need the unplugged time too.  No work, no cell phone, no TV.

Tonight I managed to get the boys to help get the garbage all out to the alley for pickup.  They were just about done when I realized today is Monday, not Tuesday.  So my garbage is ... um... early.  I should have known something was off since they were so easygoing.

Angel Baby was throwing 'snowballs' at me tonight.  In her bubble bath, throwing handful after handful of bubbles.  I could have stopped it, and I'll probably pay for it, but I couldn't resist the giggles and didn't fight to hard. Bubbles mean soap, so now I've washed the bathroom floor with soap. hehehehe.

And last tid-bit?  Mr. Macboy has GOT to learn to knock.  Nuff Said.

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  1. Hahaha! That's the one reason I let my boys soak me at bath-time...when else will the floor get washed!

    ~ Jill