Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom Lessons - Security Services

Reassurance and security are two very important things in a child's life.  It is a mommy's responsibility to nurture these needs in their kids.  We teach them that it is important to hold on to the important things in life.  

We teach them about strong bonds. Good, long lasting connections to good friends.  We comfort them when they are sad.  Reassure them when they strike out in soft ball.  We pick them up, brush them off and carry them away from the hurts of life.  As much as we hate it, we LET them fall, we let them make their choices and get hurt.  
It hurts us too.

They grow strong from all these bumps and bruises, tears and fears.  And we grow strong too.  As we teach them how handle their lives on their own, we are slowly teaching ourselves how to live without them too.  We are learning to let go at the very same time they are learning to take control.  

We teach them value.  We show them how to appreciate things that we have in life.  We show them, often through trial and error how to keep their possessions safe.  And their emotions too.  It is certainly easy to lose both your keys and your heart.... 

I can think of plenty of times that I fell on my own mommy's lap in tears.  She'd rub my back and wipe my tears.  And then in her own motherly way, she'd tell me things like 'This too shall pass."  Being a mom myself, I now know that she was totally thinking "I told you so."  "I knew that was gonna happen." and of course "When will you ever learn?"  But of course, we mommies everywhere NEVER SAY those things.

We let them feel their feelings, cry their tears, lose their lego.
We make them feel safe and secure.
We show them how to take care of things.
Like their shoes.

It's the little things we just don't know we are showing them, that they hang on to.  What message are you sending?  I'm pretty happy with this one!

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  1. Love! One of my kids did a Mother's Day project a few years ago, and one of the things on there was "I love when Mommy rocks me in the rocking chair" - absolutely melted my heart!