Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turn it OFF

I mentioned briefly to my family yesterday that I think we need to have a tech free day every week.  One day where there are no video games, computers, TV's, etc.  Their response wasn't entirely oppositional, but there was a long debate about what counts and what doesn't.  

Video games? DS?  What about TV?  What about Movies? What about the iPad?

I even went so far as to declare that if we decide to do this, I will even shut off my laptop and cellphone.
I suggested "Media Free Monday"  or "Turn it off Tuesday"  But the final verdict landed on Wednesday.  This is largely related to my darling trucker who, more so than the rest of us, is not able to go without technology for very long. You see, Wednesday is the one day of the week where he is most likely to work late.  Or, on occasion, he does end up home fairly early but has to be up for a 3 a.m. start the next day.

He's supportive, but largely because he won't really be affected by it if it is Wednesday. If he is only home and awake for an hour or so, he doesn't miss much.  It makes me sad that he's so dependent on devices for entertainment.  But I do know that it's a bad habit. (Ever see that episode of the Berenstain Bears? I feel Momma's pain)

I was irritated by this reaction at first (well I still am kind of, his example to the kids isn't ideal) but I will accept the half support as SUPPORT none-the-less.  He may only give up an hour of TV but he is still willing to give up something.  He didn't argue or tell me it was a dumb idea.  (much like papa bear on the above mentioned episode)

I had a few other issues I was concerned about at the same time, so I didn't really press the issue. I had kind of let it fall to the back of my mind for a while.  Until this afternoon.  These pictures here, were all taken this afternoon.  Not as a long series through the day, either.  I was sitting in my favorite chair, and I looked around the room and this is what was happening.  
Really. Just like that.  You can't see the trucker, but by the time I started to move the pictures on to the computer, he had called me... from the crackberry.  So he was included. I now am complete reassured that implementing a media free day is necessary and justified. 

Don't tell anyone, but really the biggest reason I didn't want Wednesday is because I can't think of a cool name.  Media Free Monday, Tech Free Tuesday, Turn it off Tuesday?  What do I say for Wednesday?
I'd call it Wireless Wednesday but technical brains like my children are quick to point out that we have wireless internet, cordless phones, etc. Very few things in our house are 'wired.'  Thank you Captain Obvious.  They also started saying things like "turn it off Tuesday?  Does that mean no lights? What if the phone rings?"

This is gonna be hard.  Setting out rules and following through. But I think as it goes on it will get easier and we will all be better for it.  And I even have faith in the trucker (I'll deny it if he asks) that if we stick to it, he will be supportive and actually understand the need for it. He will even find it easier than he thinks.

So watch for it. I'll post our 'official rules' once they are all set out.  I will update often about what we did.  (just not ON Wednesday...haha)
I'm seeking feedback from all of you on what to call it. 
Everything is more fun when it has a cool name.  

Follow up
We found a name and have had some fun. Read the details of our media free time.


  1. What else Wednesday

  2. This post is hilarious to me because I'm having the same issue at our place and am working on a post myself about it...(stay tuned - haha) It's crazy how my 'lil dudes can navigate around the iPad and iPhone...especially my two-year old! Nice to know it's not only happening in my house!
    ~ Jill