Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sausage and Eggs, Please

Seriously, the Sunday Morning breakfast should not be so darn complicated!!  We are all picky eaters here in one way or another.  Every one of us.

Today was Sausages and Eggs.  Simple, right?  No.  I'm not a meat eater... and not crazy about eggs all the time either.  But I'm cooking today, so I'm gonna eat it.  Dear Trucker, well, he likes eggs but only one way.  Sunny side up.  Art agrees, he won't eat an egg you can't "dip toast in". Macboy wouldn't touch an egg even if you paid him.  He says it's only okay to have eggs if they end up in something where you can't even see there ARE eggs.  Like Cake.
So, in a house with sausages, eggs and toast,  none of us had the same breakfast.

Trucker ate his sausages while he was waiting for toast, then he had his toast and eggs.  Like a two course meal.
I ate the meal altogether as intended (though I have to admit, I soak sausages with pancake syrup first or I can't eat them).
Art had eggs and toast, no sausage.
Macboy had toast with peanut butter.  No eggs, no sausage.

And then, of course, there's Angel Baby ... her taste just depends on the day.  And today it was the baby's breakfast not hers.  She did eat some of everything, but only because it was 'someone else's' breakfast.  You know how that is, it always tastes better from someone else's plate!
Yes, she even had her own chair.  Macboy tried to sit there and Angel Baby FREAKED OUT.

You just have to love my family of picky eaters!

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