Thursday, April 28, 2011

Party All Night!

I really hate to confess... 
I can't do that anymore.  

I don't know how I did before.  

I remember how we used to go party it up, shut down the bar, hang out with friends until the paycheck appeared in the bank (it was between 5 and 6 am back then) and we would head to the 24 hour McD's for a greasy breakfast.  We wouldn't even go to sleep, just straight to work.  Then, after a full work day, head out somewhere else too! 

Or when I was pregnant with Macboy, I was working 4 to midnight every day.  I'd get off work, head to Denny's to visit with friends.  Finally get home around 5:30 am, I'd leave around their shift change, and head to bed.

I used to be able to function on no sleep, and I LOVED it.  Sure wish I knew then how valuable sleep would be later on.  How I would crave it, fight for it, beg and bargain for a few more small minutes.  It's like burning money, I swear... I am exhausted by the thought of even TRYING to stay up all night.

So, why am I considering it?  Well, I have a few reasons.  I can multitask.
  1. It is a morbid curiousity that makes me want to see this royal wedding.  I guess it's "history-in-the-making", right?  Whatever... I want to see.
  2. It is a fact that I have plenty of work that i need to get done and night time hours are the quietest hours in my house.  
  3. It is also a fact that the trucker will have me driving him to work in the morning, so I'm gonna get crappy sleep no matter what I do.
Sadly this night will not be as fun as I remember those party nights being.  I will not have a drink in hand, or dance until my feet hurt.  I will not sing until my voice is hoarse.  I will probably require extra coffee, I will likely likely end up eating a bunch of junk food to occupy myself.  I will also probably be in bed before the kids tomorrow night.

However, I WILL NOT HAVE A HANGOVER..... so I guess I can try.


  1. no you won't because I the babysitter know that you are going out. hee hee

  2. I am also contemplating staying up to I may not have a choice at this point though... I have a 2 year old that won't stay in bed.

  3. It didn't go as planned :( Lost my internet service about 30 minutes after I posted this. So, I had no ability to work, and therefore, no hope in he## of staying up that late!!!

    And to top it all off, I overslept this morning anyway!!