Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wendy Can't Cook Easter Dinner

Another family tradition underway in our house.  Turkey slowly roasting in the oven, kids overloaded with chocolate for breakfast. Perfect.

Tradition tells us that Wendy doesn't cook Easter dinner, everyone prefers when my mom cooks.  I don't think I, personally, have EVER actually cooked a turkey.  I do get left with dish duty, but I think it's a fair trade off.  With mom cooking we actually get food we WANT to eat.  And it's only half the work of a normal day.

The Easter bunny went easy on us this year.  I guess he's catching on that our kids aren't really Chocolate eaters.  So instead of a houseful of candies or chocolates, we have just a small number of chocolate eggs (the kids found them all in record time this year) and a few gifts instead.  Miss Angel Baby got a new tricycle, I guess the bunny saw the broken one in the back yard.  Macboy and Art got new video games.  And Trucker Dad and I get the remaining chocolate to eat at our leisure.  Which I am going to try NOT to do, I need my weight going the other way now.

She's been on the tricycle since she woke up!
It seems that the Easter bunny has a little more $$ backing him up this year than ever before.. Neat, huh?  WE quit smoking and EVERYONE has more money to play with.

We have had a nice quiet morning.  Every one is occupied in some sort of quiet activity.  This is incredibly unusual around here, 6 people in a house is almost always NOISY.  But Grandma is reading, Art is watching Bugs Bunny, Macboy and Angel Baby are playing downstairs.  Trucker Dad is out "playing" in the garage.

So, before anyone figures out that I am sitting peacefully and comes to interrupt this moment, I am going to go fill my coffee cup, put my feet up and do NOTHING for awhile.

I don't want flowers or chocolate, THIS is my best Easter gift of all.

I hope you all have a
and that you have a great dinner with your family too.

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