Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can't Post Today, I'm Waiting in the Drive Thru

Last week was too many days of driving the trucker to and from work.  I am NOT a morning person.  He works mainly from two locations and both are on opposite ends of the city.  Last week he started on the far end and ended Monday on our end.  So I picked him up. and dropped him off, and picked him up... until finally Thursday he ended on the far end again.

This week, he started on the far end, finished close.  So I drove him Yesterday morning and picked him up last night. However, being so tired of my cranky mood in the morning, he got a ride to get his truck from the far end last night.  So I didn't have to drive this morning.

But, this morning he started on OUR side.  At 3:30, as I am picking up the kids at school, he calls to say "can you come and get me?  I can't get a ride back home for at least 2 hours!"

All because I didn't want to wake up two hours early... I have to drive a good 45 minutes to pick him up, then drive him back to his truck so we can bring both vehicles home. Again.  Not only that, but Macboy, got car sick and Art very nearly followed him up. I was able to pull over so they could both get some air.  Trucker doesn't do well with those situations, and even though he wasn't with us when it happened he was super paranoid the whole drive home. 

What's worse than all the extra driving?  

We ate fast food. He stopped at one place with Art, and I stopped at an entirely different drive thru for Macboy, Angel Baby and myself.

Good combination, don't you think?  Put a sick kid in a car for 2 hours then give him a selection of greasy food for dinner.  I'm feeling proud today.

We are officially nuts.

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