Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Steak Is A Steak. Right?

I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a vegetarian, but I am most definitely NOT a meat eater.  If we buy steak around here, we buy two.  One for the trucker and one for everyone else to share.  Small portions all around and that's how we like it.

For the trucker's birthday, he wanted to barbeque.  We had a horribly long and yucky winter so BBQ season is a treat right now.  Where we are, this season will likely only last a few weeks and then we'll be headed back to winter!! (haha) Last weekend we sprung for T-Bones.  This weekend he wanted more of the same.

The trouble with not being the meat eater, 
is that I am also not the meat SHOPPER. 
Buying T-bones would be somewhat easy because I know what we had last week.  I will buy as close as I can to that, from the same store.  Cool and easy.  But it is very rare that things work out like that for me.  So of course I am standing in the meat department facing T-bones that are a fraction of the size of last week and no where near as 'nice' looking.  Thanks to the guy who works there and saw the 'lost' look on my face. He came out and asked what I was looking for. 
"I have NO idea."

I explained about the steak situation and the birthday and my absolute lack of meat purchasing skills.  He showed me a few different things.  Explained a bit about what you WANT and what you don't want.  
I should be nice, I should trust this guy. Meat is what he does. Every day.  Who knows steak better than a butcher? 
Yes, there I am in the middle of the meat department choosing to 'phone a friend'.  I call the Trucker too, to make sure he's not gonna freak when I get home with NOT T-Bones.  20 minutes later, I could have just trusted the advice of the guy in the store.  I bought exactly what he suggested.  And once I had made my decision, he also came back to help me find 4 of the nicest Rib Steaks on the shelf.

It was delicious.  It was ABSOLUTELY delicious.  A quick marinade, mainly for seasoning, and those steaks were perfect. I will have to buy my meat from that store from now on, and only when the same guy is working!

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