Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wendy's Mental Math - Makes Sense To Me

This is not a lesson on how to do math in your head, but rather a lesson in the logic that resides in the dark recesses of Wendy's Brain.

While I sit and enjoy the cake and celebration of small things, I realized there have been a great many questions about where I get my numbers and goals from.  In all honesty, I could just be making it up entirely so I can eat cake!

But I'm not.

The numbers aren't perfect. Some things might get missed, some things might get counted twice.  I'm not going to stress about the accuracy, I am just enjoying that there ARE numbers there.

I will answer some of the questions I've heard so that anyone who's curious will know.

1.)  Does it count as two views if I close the browser and then go back to finish reading it later?

Probably, but hey, I'm glad it was worth coming back to finish!  Thank you!

2.)  If I click the link to go to another post does that count as two or just one visit to the blog?

I think it counts as two, but I don't really know.   Thanks for not getting bored in the first story and WANTING to read more.

3.)What about people who randomly come across and hit the 'back' button right away?  They didn't read it, so does it count?

Of course it counts.... They may not stay and read, which kinda sucks, but it means that I am VISIBLE. Busy Mama has a presence on the web, no matter how small.
Like the who's that Horton takes care of "I AM HERE, I AM HERE, I AM HERE!"

So really, my math logic is simple.  The numbers could mean anything... It's by no means an exact science.  Breaking 500 views of a blog is absolutely minuscule in terms of the internet as a whole.  It's just nice to have a goal.

Realistically, I might only get 15-20 views of each post...Maybe I have to post 50 articles to get 500 visits... Possible, sure.  But that just gives me more reason, more motivation, more desire to keep writing.

Even when I don't want to.

I'd still write, even if no one looked.  But on days when I'm feeling lonely or small, It is great to have a sense of belonging.

Because YOU ARE HERE.... I know that I am too.

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