Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey, Check It Out! I'm On A Roll

I'm really quite pleased with myself. I saw my weight creeping higher and higher and I got mad. I was angry with myself and angry with life and well, I was sick too. I was too depressed to see that there was anything that I could actually do to fight it. In my distorted mind, I think I believed I was already trying hard enough.

But I reached the 9 of this group of 10 pounds and refused to roll into the next set of 10.  You know, it's like money that way, 39.99 is better than 40. 129 is better than 130 and hitting 130 would mean that 139 was a quick slip.

Not that I am devastated by weighing 129... I could only wish that!  I will not divulge the weight I am now on here. Perhaps when I reach my goal and share how much I've lost, you can do the math and figure it out. But right now... no deal.


I started to walk a little more.  I started to eat a little better. I stopped allowing the trucker to bring home his munchies. He was helpful, but that could be due to not having to share anymore. No chips in the house. I stopped buying the candies and crap that I would munch on while working at night.  Then at the end of August, I signed up at a local gym. I've been going a minimum of three times a week since I signed up in addition to the changes I've been making at home. 

Believe it or not, I've been able to cut down the coffee I drink because I don't feel dead tired all day. I've replaced it with water (that I wasn't drinking enough of before).

I also started tracking my choices and efforts on Spark People. I'm not a big full active member there, but it gives me a good way to track my food and fitness and it has a good app for my phone so it is working well. I'm not planning my meals or anything like that, but I am paying attention and that is a huge part of it. I might change my decisions for dinner if I've blown my limits at lunch, you know? 


I'm happy and proud to say that since that day I got mad, I'm back down 7 pounds. I'm already feeling better and starting to fit my clothes a bit better.  I'm getting more done with my day too, which is odd because I'm spending more time out of the house without kids in tow... I feel good. The trucker is behind me 110% and he's been really helpful with getting time to go since Angel Baby hates the daycare facility there still. I'm working on that.

Wish me luck, I've got to repeat that 7 a few times (at least). But I know I can do this, and I know there are a lot of people out there who will cheer me on.  Hey, maybe, I'll feel stronger and be able to quit this smoking habit again too....

If you are a Spark People member, give me a quick shout and maybe we can link up there too. iamabusymama (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Thanks for this post! This is exactly where I am at--angry for having gained BACK weight that I just spent a year losing. So frustrating, but you have encouraged me. Dare I hit the gym tomorrow?!?

  2. Go you! I'm so happy you are rockin' it! Keep it up! I'm in an exercising lull and really need to jumpstart so I'll feel better after this baby is born. I'm going to check out Spark People. I've never heard of that one before. You can definitely kick the smoking habit too! I used to smoke and have been ciggy-free for about 4 years now. I'm cheering for you all the way! :-D

  3. Yes, Christi. I dare you! Go. I'm so glad I did. I still need the extra push sometimes, but I don't regret a second.
    Jennifer, You'll be great. Good job for 4 years! It's on my list of things to do. I can and will quit again, I'm just not letting guilt be a reason either way.

  4. Woot! Let's give each other virtual kicks in the butts to get going!

    And yeah, I need to quit smoking too.... =/